Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Trap Jaw comin' atcha!

It's that time again.. So this was my entry for Tag Team Tuesdays this week. The theme (of course) was Trap Jaw. Best part was doing some research and reminding myself of just how much I freakin' loved He-Man as a kid and ESPECIALLY those mini-comics that came with the action figures. I tracked down a few issues and was pretty blown away by how awesome they still are, thanks in no small part to some great artwork by Mark Texeira doing his best Barry Windsor-Smith/Frazetta and succeeding quite well - though you can certainly spot traces of how his style would later develop into it's own cool thing. Anyway, here's a battle wounded Trap Jaw shambling around in front of old Castle Grayskull. Mosey on over to Tag Team Tuesdays to check out Zach's awesomely whacked out take on TJ.


  1. sweet! oddly i don't remember Trap Jaw although I was in love with the He-Man toys. I think the battle armor He-Man was my favorite. Texeira's awesome, too - I loved the stuff he did for Wolverine.

  2. Thanks! Tex's Wolverine stuff was awesome. He also had a great run on Ghost Rider.